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You have a WWW-page and want your visitors to be able to contact you directly? You want to offer a form and ask the customer for his opinion - but don't know how? You see competitions and order forms on other pages and would also like to include something like this on your own pages?

The Formular-Chef helps you ! It accepts input from any form, checks this, thanks the visitor, and sends the form data to the desired recipient(s) via email.

The Formular-Chef is free , uncomplicated, patient, and flexible. It has its own design and yet smoothly adapts to your layout. It can act interactively ("Thank you Mr. Miller"), is stable, and has unbeatable performance. New: You can also buy the Formular-Chef and use it on your webserver (purchase a license).

The Formular-Chef can be used by anyone. Even users on servers without and other comparable users can finally offer reasonable forms on servers without CGI support. Possible applications: greeting cards, agreements, contact forms, feedback, orders, support, competitions, etc.


You can use the Formular-Chef immediately without application or a waiting period. At least read the chapter Basic Configuration if you are already familiar with HTML forms and only need the basic functions. All additional functions and additional explanations on HTML forms can be found in the following documentation.

In order to offer our documentation in an even more efficient manner, we provide the instructions together with an assistant. Therefore, you can read the texts online or have various chapters compiled for printing. Click either directly on the link to the respective subject or select which subjects are to be compiled for you with the checkbuttons:


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