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The Formular-Chef can be used free of charge and without logging on. As a service in return, we will place an advertising banner in the lower part of the answer page of a form. In addition, our copyright is placed at the very bottom of the page in a small, unobtrusive font.

If you so desire, both objects can be deactivated. The upload/download block of max. 25kb is also omitted, resulting in the respective rates.

NEW: You can also buy the Formular-Chef and use the software directly on your server ( additional information ).

Ad-free use

    With this rate, no advertising banner is added. Only our copyright remains at the lower edge in very small writing.

    Explanation: With this rate, both the number of access actions and the volume of data transferred are saved (e.g. if you offer upload/download forms). As soon as one of the two values is exceeded, the fee of EUR 2.50 is used up.

    The period of time, in which the access actions take place, is not limited. 4000 access actions can therefore take two days or half a year.

    Important! Only units of 4000 access actions (or 400MB traffic) can be booked with this rate (EUR 12.00), since bank handling would otherwise not be sensible.

    Several forms can be offered simultenously. The counter counts for all pages. However, the forms must be available under the same domain names.

    o The prices:

Copyright and ad-free use

    This is comparable to ad-free use, but no information is added by us - neither advertising banners, text notes, nor our copyright with this rate. You can use this rate if you want to sell your own advertising on the pages, for example, or wish to use the Formular-Chef in the area of professional business.

    Costs: EUR 12.00/1000 access actions or EUR 12.00/100MB transfer volume

    Otherwise, the same conditions apply as for ad-free use.

    The prices for copyright and ad-free access actions

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