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Formular-Chef: Basic configuration

   Formular-Chef: Basic configuration
         The beginning of the form
         Enter recipient


    The Formular-Chef is completely configured by means of your HTML-form. Other than that, you don't need to set anything else. Not even local software is needed.

    After this chapter , we will assume that you have basic knowledge of HTML language (especially HTML-forms). If this is not the case, please at least read the previous chapter HTML-forms.

The beginning of the form

    Each form is started with the line <form action= ...>. You must place the following line (without changes) at the beginning of your form:

    <form action="http://www.formular-chef.com/Formular-Chef.cgi"

    method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">

    You must overwrite any FORM instructions that might already exist.

Enter recipient

    The Formular-Chef compiles the data entered into your form and forwards it via email. Here, up to five email recipients can be entered. Each entered recipient receives a copy.

    You can list the recipients as invisible, as an input field, or as a list - or can also use all three combinations simultaneously:

    # Method 1 (recipients separated by commas, invisible):

    <input type="hidden"




    # Method 2 (Input field for the visitor):

    Please enter the address of the recipient here:

    <input name="recipient" size="15">


    # Method 3 (Lists for the selection of various email addresses):

    Please select the desired recipient:

    <select name="recipient" multiple>

    <option value="support@Your-Domain-Here.com">Support

    <option value="sale@Your-Domain-Here.net">Marketing

    <option value="alert@Your-Domain-Here.org">Urgent !


    -That was the basic configuration. The Formular-Chef is now ready -

    With the <form...> command and the listing of the recipients, the minimum requirements are fulfilled. The Formular-Chef is called up, the data are given to it (meaning all input fields from your form) and it formats it. Then, it sorts the data alphabetically one under another and sends this list to the recipient(s) via email . You can now check the cooperation between your form and the Formular-Chef.

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