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Formular-Chef: HTML-forms

One of the biggest advantages of HTML-language is the opportunity to offer the visitor interactive dialog possibilities. With this, you can request data from customers on your WWW-pages - whether this be comments, feedback, competitions, contact pages, or whatever :-)

You can use very different dialog elements in a form.

Forms and the Formular-Chef: Create an HTML-form as you desire. You can use any number and style of input elements: lists, click boxes, and input fields. Take care in setting the field names here (pay attention to capitalization). The following is a brief sample form. The form is on the left, the respective source text is on the right:


Please enter your email address in the field in order to receive our newsletter:

Your email:

<form action="http://www.formular-chef.com/Formular-Chef.cgi"



Please enter your email address in the field,

in order to receive our newsletter:<p>

<b>Your email: <input name=sender>

<input type=submit value=logon>

We have provided you with a series of sample forms here.

When you have finished the form, you must configure it for use with the Formular-Chef.

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