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Formular-Chef: Obligatory fields

Obligatory fields are form fields (lists, input boxes), which must be filled out by the visitor. This allows you to ensure that the customer at least provides the data that you need so that you are not burdened with empty emails or the necessity of making further inquiries.

If you wish to include an obligatory field, you can integrate the following HTML-command in your text:

<input type="hidden" name="obligatory" value="field1, field2, fieldn">

field1, field2, etc. are the appropriate field names here. Pay attention to capitalization here. The following is a live example: Let's assume that you want to inquire about the address data of your visitor and he must at least enter his name and his email address:

<input type="hidden" name="obligatory" value="name,email">

Your name: <input name="name" size="30">

Your tel.: <input name="telephone" size="20">

Your email: <input name="email" size="30">

In this example, a visitor must fill out the 1st and last fields. The field with the name "telephone" is not declared as an obligatory field. For this reason, this field can be left empty without triggering an error message.

If an obligatory field is not filled out, an error message is displayed. The Formular-Chef either shows its own message or you can set an HTML page, which is called up in case of an error:

<input type="hidden" name="error_template"

Additional information regarding the error template can be found in the appropriate chapter.

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