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Formular-Chef: Reply pages template

If a customer has correctly filled out your form and sent it, the Formular-Chef displays a reply page. If you do not like the layout of this reply page or it cannot be integrated into the other pages, you can create your own reply page. The Formular-Chef then displays this. If you want to use such a reply page template, you must include the following line in your HTML-form:

<input type="hidden" name="reply_template"

Naturally, you must enter your domain and the name of the file of the reply page at http://www.Your-Domain-Here.com/answer.html .

You can include all of your form fields as variables (e.g. ##name## or ##field_xx## etc.).

Let's assume you want to address the visitor on the reply page. In this case, insert into the reply template (the page that is displayed to the visitor, after he filled out your form) the following text:

Thank you for your note ##sex## ##name##

If later a customer fills in "Mr." and "Smith" the Formular-Chef will display the following text:

Thank you for your note Mr. Smith

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