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Formular-Chef: Templates in general

   Formular-Chef: Templates in general
         Example for a general template

Templates are template files, which are used as the basis for layout. A template consists of a few lines of HTML-Text and, if applicable, a few variables in the form of ##VARIABLE##.

You can use templates if you do not like our standard layout for the reply page or the emails. With templates, you can completely adapt our predifined layouts to your own wishes - background, graphics, Javascript, links, etc. You can create the templates with the editor of your choice and upload it to your webspace. The Formular-Chef retrieves the templates at a given time and replaces the variables with contents. First a theoretical example:

Example for a general template

    You have the fields title and name in your form, e.g.:

    Your name: 

    <select name="title" size="1">
    </select> <input name="name" size="20">

    Now you want to directly address the visitor on the reply page. Create an HTML page with your desired layout (the reply template). Then insert the following text into this HTML-page:

    Thank you for your input ##title## ##name##

    When a visitor fills out your form now and enters "Mr." "Müller" for example, the following text later appears on the reply page:

    Thank you for your input Mr. Miller 

    Naturally, you can insert any number of differenct variables into your form and the templates. The Formular-Chef has no limitations.

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