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Formular-Chef: email validation

You can have the validity and existence of an email address checked for a visitor entry. Simply insert the following line into your HTML-document. The Formular-Chef will then check whether the email address in sender is correct:

<input type="hidden" name="email_check" value="1">


Your email address: <input name="sender">

Other, local formmailers or comparable programs only check the syntax of the email address. The Formular-Chef goes a big step further: It attempts to contact the listed email server and checks whether the listed email address actually functions. If this is not the case, the visitor is notified and requested to make an new entry (the normal error template is displayed).

Unfortunately, this special inquiry technique also has a small loophole: Unfortunately, it cannot check whether the listed user exists on the mailserver - this can only be determined when you send an email :-) This shortcoming especially pertains to addresses of T-Online (...@t-online.de), GMX (...@gmx.net), etc.

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