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The Formular-Chef - Own License

The Formular-Chef can be used free of charge (with advertisement) online. If the advertising or our copyright bother you, you can suppress these with ad-/copyright-free use. Sometimes, however, you may want the Formular-Chef to run on your domain - which means that the customer never leaves your server. In this case, you can purchase your own license for the Formular-Chef for EUR 29.00. We will then send you the software plus instructions and you can install and use the program on your webserver.

Scope of the license

Your personal license entitles you to use Formular-Chef on your webspace and includes the following services:

  • An unlimited number of forms can use the Formular-Chef
  • Up to 100 simultaneous recipients via email
  • BCC-functions (Blind Carbon Copy)
  • An unlimited number of call-ups are possible
  • Otherwise, the same scope of functions (see Feature List )


  • CGI-programs must be allowed
  • Perl must be present (Standard)
  • sendmail must be present (Standard)
  • An SMTP-Server must be present for sending the emails (is supplied by your provider)

The license is only good for one domain. You may not copy the program and use it on additional domains. Please contact us for multiple licenses for private customers or server licenses for providers.

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